background blur photo editing

background blur photo editing – convert mobile photo into like DSLR camera.

No matter how good we can take photos from mobile, but it competes with the photos of dslr camera.
Can’t do it But we can make the best of the best by editing the photo of the mobile. It will look like a photo taken with the camera.

To edit the photo of mobile, we will use photo shop and if you want to edit photo from mobile then you can. First we will learn to edit with Photoshop, after that we will learn to edit photos with the help of Peaks Art and Light Room.

background blur photo editing in photoshop

First of all, open the photo shop and go to the file and select the option to open that photo.
Open the one you want to edit.

  • Now we have to look at our photo carefully and blur the one which is away from our subject.
  • To blur, with the help of the selection tool, the area has to be selected.
  • To blur. By going to Filter, Blur then selecting the Gaussian Blur and as much as you want to blur.
    The number has to be kept accordingly.
  • After blurring in the last, color correction and color grading have to be done in the photo.
  • For color correction, go to the image and select the arrangement.
  • Then by selecting the red color, the black has to be reduced, reducing the black will reduce the black in the red color.
  • And our skin is of red color, so our skin will become fair.
  • Now we have to see in the image which color to increase and which color to change. Selecting the hue of the color you want to change, you have to increase or decrease the slider and change it accordingly.
  • Similarly, the color which is to be increased has to be increased by selecting that color. [Keep in mind that by duplicating your original image with the help of the layer, all the adjustments have to be done on the duplicate image.]

background blur photo editing in mobile

The work that we did in the photo shop, we have to do the same work in the mobile, first we have to blur and then we have to adjust the color.

To blur the image, use Pix Art or SnapSeed. The thing to note is this. Whatever be the application, we have to focus on the result, see whether the application we are using is giving us the result that we want to do.

Note – Blur in the image is to be done in that place which is away from our main subject. Because the camera also blurs the same place which is away from our main subject.

The last thing to do is to adjust the color, you can use any mobile photo editing application for color adjustment.

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