sketch book mobaile background change photo editing tutorial.

background change photo editing tutorial using sketch book mobile application –

We will learn how to change the background of any image with the help of Autodesk photo editing application from mobile and how to match the background of the image with the image. So that the image looks original.

Often, if we change the background of any image, then it would be known that the background has been changed in this image. The main reason for this is not doing color grading properly.

background change photo editing

background for editing
background for editing

First of all, open the Sketch Book application.

Then 6 options have been given at the top, in that the first option has to be clicked.
Four options will open in which to select the gallery from amongst them Neve Sketch, Gallery, Share, Preferences.

By clicking on the gallery, we will see all the images of the gallery, in which we have to select the background which we want to put in the image.

Now we have to select a separate layer in which we will import our image. There will be a total of two layers, in one layer the background and in the other layer the image which is to be applied in the background.

To create a separate layer, the option of the fifth number above has to be selected, in which the base layer has to be added by selecting the plus sign.

Note – Both the images will be imported into separate layers, if you import both the images in the same layer, then both the images will be joined together.

Now after the background is opened, select the image which is to be applied in the background. For that, you have to click on the second number option above, then import the image by clicking on the option of import image.

color adjustment

Before doing color adjustment, select the layer in which we have imported the image and click on the transform option and adjust the size of the image according to the background.

In the end, both the layers have to be selected and merged and by clicking on the layer, the option of arrangement is shown. You will have to adjust the color more or less in it.

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