black preset download free

black preset download – You can download Black Presets by clicking on the download link given below. Also in this post you will learn how to make Black Presets.

Because sometimes it happens that we have downloaded the preset, it does not work or after applying the preset, we do not get the result which we want in our photo.

That’s why we will learn to make presets so that our photo is well edited

black preset download

Any presets to download. Click on that preset. Google Drive will open as soon as it is clicked, in which the download button has to be clicked, the download will start as soon as it is clicked.

जिस भी प्रीसेट को डाउनलोड करना है। उस प्रीसेट को क्लिक करे। क्लिक करते ही गूगल डराइव ओपन होगा उसमे डाउनलोड के बटन को क्लिक करना है क्लिक करते ही डाउनलोड शूरू हो जायेगा।

moody black preset
moody black preset
urban black preset download
urban black preset download
urban black preset free download
urban black preset free download

You can download the presets by clicking the download button below.

how to create black preset

First of all open the image in Lightroom.

(If you want to know how to open your image in Lightroom and how to apply the preset, then you can read in full detail by clicking on the link)

light adjustment

Now you have to adjust the light of the image, for this you have to increase the contrast of the image by clicking on the light.

If your image is too dark, then highlight and white have to be increased. Can increase from 20 to 50.

Then the black and shadow have to be reduced from -30 to -50 according to the color of your image, friends, do not reduce too much or else the image will look more dark.

color adjustment

Now click on the color option and arrange.

Like you have to increase the blue color in the image, then you have to reduce the temperature.

To make the image dark, the vibration has to be reduced, this will give a slightly dark look to the image.

select color > mix

Then reduce the hue of blue color and increase the saturation.

Similarly, if you want to increase the color in your image, then you have to increase the saturation.

If you want to change that color, then you have to reduce the hue more.

And if you want that the light of any one color is more or less,

then for that the luminance of that color will have to be reduced more.

If you do not want to do all this, then you can download the preset and apply it directly to your image.

method -2

  • If all the light in our image is equal, the light is not more or less, then we can create black preset with another method. Keep in mind that we do not have to change much in red color because it affects the skin.
  • Use the tool according to the type of editing you want to do. If we edit without thinking then we will not get the result which we want.
  • Similarly, the luminance of different colors has to be reduced.
  • Now we will reduce the saturation of all the colors except the color of the skin tone, this will give a slightly black look.
    The most important thing we have to work keeping in mind our goal is to think well first.
  • To create a black preset, all the options given in Lightroom that affect the black light. Changes have to be made on it like shadow, luminance, saturation etc.

We will first look at reducing the shadow of the image if there is not much darkness in the image. Then you will use it.


In this post, we have learned that by adjusting the color and light,

you can create a dark blue preset in the Lightroom application.

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