blue sky change lightroom photo editing

blue sky change lightroom photo editing – The sky is an important part of any photo. If we edit the entire photo and do not do the sky, then the photo does not look good, it seems incomplete. Therefore it is necessary to edit the sky as well. So in this post you will know how you can easily edit the sky in the light room.

blue sky change lightroom photo editing

In this tutorial, you will see by editing an image as given in the thumb line above.

  • First of all, set the contrast of the image to -40. So that the cinematic look comes after the final editing in the image.
  • If there is more light or dark in your image, then adjust accordingly.
  • Arrange it like this, if there is more light in the sky, then reduce the high light.
  • If it is too dark, then increase the shadow.
  • Now the temperature has been reduced to -25. So that blue color comes in the sky. You have to reduce it accordingly. If your image is already blue then do not reduce it.
  • To show more of the blue color, the vibration and saturation have to be increased a little bit. In this, Vibrance has been made 34 and Saturation has been made 18.
  • Now increase the clarity to mix all the colors together. With this, all the colors we have applied will match with each other.
  • In this, the clarity and dowry have been increased by 30.
  • The main reason for using dowry was that the sky had turned blue but the detailing was not coming, so the dowry was increased so that a little more detail could come.

how to create sky blue preset

If you want to be a preset of this editing, then for that you have to apply the setting given below.

contrast -40,temp-25,vibrance34,clarity30,dehaze50,vignette-40,noise reduction 29,remove chromatic aberration ON.

open selective color- red and orange=luminance31,

green and yellow color = hue -80,saturation 57,

sky blue and dark blue = hue -66,saturation 74;

how to blur background

If you feel that the background of the image has to be blurred more or it may be so.
If there is no blur in your image at all, then has to be used for this. We have read about this in the previous post. With this, you can easily blur any background with accuracy.

selective area change

All the things in your image do not have to be changed much in them, if you want to apply effect in the selected area, then you can do it with the help of select tool. It is said to use the tool because sometimes only chasing in the sky is required.

If you have any kind of doubt, then definitely contact us, we will clear all your doubts.

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