group photo cb editing tutorial

group cb photo editing in photo shop

Friends, editing any photo is easy. But when it comes to group photo editing, it becomes a difficult task because there is more color combination in group images. Due to which the colors have to be adjusted very carefully. So in this tutorial we will learn about group photo editing.

We will be editing it in three stages, first light erasing, color correction, color grading.

how to add light in subject

This is the editing of the first stage, in which the photo has to increase the light in all the subjects so that all the subjects can be seen well.

For this, we will use the Curve Tool and the lower part of the curve has to be raised slightly, due to which the light will be added to all the dark parts.

We always have to keep one thing in mind. Whenever editing, all the changes have to be done in the duplicate layer as in the original image and something goes wrong. So the whole image will get spoiled but duplicate image is some wrong editing. So by deleting that image, you can duplicate the original image again.

increase all subject color

Selective color will be used to enhance the color of the subject. This option is at the bottom of the Layers panel, called Create adjustment layer >>selective color.

In Selective Color, all the colors have to be selected one by one and the color given in it has to be seen more or less.
For example, if a little black color is to be added to the red color, then by selecting the red color, the black color of the red color has to be increased. Similarly, if you want to add yellow color, then yellow color has to be increased.

change grass color green to yellow

Now we have to change the color of the grass from green to a little yellow, which looks very natural and looks good. Its new arrangement layer has to be taken and who added saturation has to be selected. Then the Hu of Green color has to move towards Yellow color. And increase the saturation a little bit.

Similarly move Yellow towards Green. Saturation has to be increased by selecting the color which you want to increase. If you want to change the color to another color, then for that you have to change the hue of that color.

how to save image in full high quality

This is a very important part of editing. For this the following steps have to be followed. – File – Save As – Select Image Format JPG – Size is to be kept in max. Last ok to do.

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