how to create glowing png images on photoshop

how to create glowing png image on photoshop It is very easy to make any image glow in the photo shop. With the help of Glowing effect, we can do creative photo editing.

open image on photo shop

Whichever image you want to glow, open that image. For this, go to the file and click on the option of open. And whichever image is to glow, select that image.

We have to keep in mind that whatever image has to glow, that image should be open in the next layer. Because when you change the blending mode of the image to make the image glow, then the whole image will have an effect, so it is necessary to take a separate layer.

set glow style

First we have to tell where we have to glow in the image or glow outside, we will set it with the help of this style. Double-clicking the image layer will open Bleeding Mode, in which to select Outer Glow in Style.

change blending mode for glow effect

The opened image or the layer in which the image is in has to be changed the bleeding mode of that layer. For this, double clicking on the layer will open the blading mode. Now by default normal mode remains, it has to select Linear Burn. If you want more light in glowing effect then Bleeding mode is to select hard light.

set glowing png image range

Now we have to arrange the glowing rays. That is, how much will it glow? How far will the glowing light go?

For this, some options are given below, one by one, let us know which option does what work.


Light will appear more or less or less.


It has to be increased a little, not kept low.


As the name suggests, you can control the size of the light that is coming out.

change glowing light color

To change the color, there is a small color full box at the bottom of the opacity, which when clicked opens the color panel. And you can select the color according to you.

save png and transparent

The most important thing to keep in mind in this is to save it in PNG format while saving.

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