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lightroom photo editing tutorial – In this post you will know about all the tools of Light Room Mobile Application in full detail.

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लाइटरूम मे फोटो को एड करने के लिए एप्लीकेशन के बॉटम राइट मे दो ऑप्शन शो होता है जैसे कि आप नीचे दिए गये इमेज मे देख सकते है।

lightroom overview

एक ऑप्शन पहले से गैलोरी मे या फाइल मे सेव है उस इमेज को एड करने के लिए होता है। -अगर आप इस ऑप्शन को सलेक्ट करेते है तो
खुलेगा और जिस भी इमेज को एडिट करना है उसे सलेक्ट करना है।
दूसरा ऑशन को क्लिक करके लाइव फोटो क्लिक करके एड कर सकते है।

आप अपने आवश्यकता अनुसार किसी भी ऑप्शन को सलेक्ट करके इमेज को एड कर सकते है।

अब आल फोटोस मे जाकर उस इमेज पर क्लिक करना है जिसे एडिट करना है।

tools of lightroom mobile application

As soon as we add the image, after that we will see many tools, then we know why these tools are used one by one.


With its help, we can make changes in the specific area of any image. e.g. select an area
By doing this, the contras, saturation, Hue of the same part can be increased or decreased. This is very useful tool.


As the name suggests, you can move with the help of this tool. For example, some part of an image
If you want to cut a lot and put it in another part or want to replace a small part of one place with another place, then it is used goes.

crop tool

This tool is used to cut the image.


This tool is just like we apply a filter to an image. By the way, a preset is a pre-made setting that is included in this.
It is saved. Or we can save it by making our own. For example, suppose we have a lot of images and we want to increase the brightness of all the images by 100 percent. And to increase the contrast by 20 percent, then we will increase the brightness in an image by 100 percent and
Increase the contras by 20 percent and save this image as a preset.

And will apply the saved presets to the rest of the images.


This option contains all the options related to light, so that we can control all types of light in the image.

Know all the options inside it.

Exposure – Increasing this increases the light in the entire area of the image. And decreasing the light decreases.

Contras– By increasing it, the white part present in the image becomes more white. and the black part becomes more black so that a Contrasting effect is created.

Highlight – By increasing this, the more light area of the image, the more light increases and decreasing the light gets reduced Is.

Shadow – Works to increase or decrease the amount of shadow that remains in the image. Since the shadow is of black color, hence the effect to the black part does.

White- It works like a highlight option, with the help of this you can increase or decrease the number of white colors.
Black – It is like a shadow, with the help of this, any black color in the image can be increased or decreased.


You can control all the colors in the image. Like to increase or decrease any color of the image.
There are many options inside the color option, through which we control the color. Know all the options, what is the option works.

Temperature – It controls the temperature of the image. On reducing, the blue color in the image increases, giving a cold look.
comes. On doing more, the orange color increases, due to which a hot look comes and the temperature seems to be increased.


With this option you can create effects like

You can increase or decrease the texture of any image by increasing or decreasing the texture.

Clarity – By increasing it, the depth comes in the image, due to which the clarity of the image increases. Reducing the faded look in the image

dahez It takes the color present in the image towards its dark color like light green color then dark green on increasing the dew. That is, the more you increase, the more it will take you from light to dark, which creates a kind of effect. and on reducing Will lead you from dark to light.

vignette By decreasing it, a black color shadow is created in the four corners of the image. And increasing it creates a white color shadow.
We can control this shadow with the help of the option given inside it like how much shadow is needed, where is the shadow needed and who In which corner do you need shadow?

Grain – With the help of this, you can add grain to the image and can control the grain with the options given in it like how much grain is needed and grain
What should be the size?


This option is used to bring details in the image. In this, some such options are given, with the help of which
Can bring details in the image like

Sharpening – Increasing this increases the color of all the edges of the image, which makes the image appear more sharp.
Noise Reduction – This option is used to smooth the image, if it is increased, then the color of the image starts to become smooth and Noise goes away.


As the name suggests, we can restore whatever editing we have done. If we have any specific
Want to go back to the place but still can do it with the help of this tool.


We have learned about all the basic tools of Lightroom Mobile which are very useful during editing time. if you don’t understand or If you have any query then you can contact us through contact form.(Gmail [email protected])

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