moody blue lightroom preset download

moody blue lightroom preset download There are many cinematic presets given below, you can download it or if you want to make it yourself, then read the post completely, it is told below how you can make professional cinematic presets for yourself.

moody blue lightroom preset download

creating moody blue lightroom preset

First of all, the light of the image has to be corrected like if it is too dark then it has to be reduced and if there is more whiteness then the white has to be taken less.

Now we have to do color grading, the most important part of an image is color grading. This has to be done very carefully.

For color grading, we have to increase the color of the image and correct the skin tone. To make it look natural, we take an image for example and give it a cinematic tone.

example color grading image

To give a cinematic look to this image, first of all, some basic adjustments have been made by going to the light option like – the contrast has been reduced. The shadow and black have been increased so that the more black part is corrected, similarly the more black or more white part in your image has to be adjusted.

Now color grading is done –

In this, the temperature has been reduced so that the cloud is more in the image, its color can be blue. Now the specific color has been adjusted by going into the mix. The luminance of the red color has been increased so that the skin tone is corrected.
Similarly, the saturation of blue color has been increased so that the color of the sky becomes blue.

Lastly, some basic things which are necessary to give final cinematic look to the image have to be done.

Like, the clarity has to be increased so that all the colors we have applied in the image match well with the image.
One more thing that you can do with the image is Nice Reduction, this will make the image completely smooth, which is very nice to see.

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