how to create moody green lightroom preset

moody green lightroom preset – By grading moody color in any photo, we can make that photo even better. You can bring the mood to it. Mood means emotions, you can apply mood to it by grading color in different ways. Can give him real fill.

what is moody preset

Let us understand this with an example. We have often seen in a movie if a person is standing in a snowy place. Or if he is feeling cold, then the color of that image or video is of blue type. Because blue color is a symbol of cold. Similarly, there is orange color in the hot place.

All these colors have their own meaning. By using this, you can bring mood in your image very well.

when use moody green lightroom preset

Mostly green color is used in things with suspense. So where you want to show suspense, you can use the moody green lightroom preset . If you want to show the beauty of nature then you can use this preset. And it is used in many places, for this you have to understand the color theory very well, then you can use any color according to your own.

how to create moody green lightroom preset

We will see if any kind of setting has been applied in this image.

  • In the Light option, the shadow has to be set to -51. White has to be up to 21 and Black to -47.
  • The tint in the color has to be moved towards green, you can move according to your image till about -31.
  • As you know, like Vibrance, it works to enhance the color. So to increase the green color in the image, move the tint towards green and increase the vibrance by 25.
  • The vignette has to be kept between -40 to -50, it gives a very professional cinematic look to the image.
  • This is optional, in this if you want to smooth the image, then you can increase the noise redux in the detail. This will make the image smooth. In this case, Nice Reduxon has been made 15 and Color Nice Reduxon has been made 7.

Now let’s see all the settings in short.


how to apply preset

It’s quite easy, all you have to do is to import the downloaded presets by clicking on the presets, going to your iOS and clicking on Import.

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