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moody Presets download – There are many moody presets given below, you can download any type of mood you want in your image and in this post you will learn about basic color mood and learn how to make Moody presets.

moody presets download

You can download by clicking on the download link given below.

new moody presets
new moody presets

what is moody tone

Before creating a preset, the first thing you need to know is what a moody Tone is.

This is a very important part of color grading because in this an image or video is colored according to its mood.
This brings real fill to the viewer. Viewers feel by seeing, so any image or video is color graded according to the mood.

In simple words, it is a type of color grading technique in which the image or video is edited according to the mood.

For this type of color grading, color theory is used – for example, every color has a tone that represents something or the other. As blue color represents peace and cold. In the same way, red color is for violence and pink color for love, similarly all colors have their own tone.

To know more details about Color Throry, you can watch it on YouTube.

how to create moody presets

Let’s look at an example of creating a cold tone preset, then converting the same image to another mode.

First of all, you have to open the image in Lightroom, then go to the Light option and correct the lighting of the image.
After that the temperature has to be reduced, this will bring a cold tone in the image.

Now select the grading and shift the shadow and mid tone towards the blue color.
The last thing to do is to increase the clarity of the image so that all the colors match well.

In this way, we have to know the color thrower very well and create moody presets with the help of gridding tool.

Now this image has to be shifted to red tone by going to the color option and selecting grading, this will bring redness in the image. And to bring the blue color, the temperature was lowered, we will increase it so that more redness comes in the image.

As soon as we do red color we can see the image is the same but seeing both is feeling different. An image that has blue tones looks cool when viewed.

And looking at the second image which has more red tone, it looks as if it has done something wrong.

So in this way we can change the position of any image.

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