photoshop background change tutorial

photoshop background change – In this post we will see how you can easily change the background of any photo in Photo Shop 7. If you already come to the photo shop, then it will be very easy for you because the process has been told in it, so that you will know how we can do editing from the photo shop.

Note- It is not necessary that we have to do editing from Photoshop, if you want, you can edit with the help of any photo editing tool. The biggest reason for using Photoshop is that with the help of the Selection Tool, you can easily remove the background.

download background

If you want to download the background of the image, then you can download the original file in high quality with the help of Google Drive from the download link given below.

download now

photoshop background change

First of all open the image in Photoshop. Open the image in which the new background is to be applied.

The opened image has to be duplicated. So that whatever we do, it will be changed in our duplicated image. Do not spoil the original image.

Now with the help of any selection tool, the background has to be selected. Or if you select the photo and left click on the mouse The option of Select Inverse will be shown so that the entire background will be selected.

To remove the selected background, click on the back space in the board or left click with the mouse to remove the background from the option of delete background.

Now open the background that has to be applied to your image. With the help of the move tool, the background has to be shifted to the image.

By pressing CONTROL T, we can enlarge the size of the image. With the help of control tea, the background is to be adjusted according to the image.

color adjustment

After arranging the image and background, color adjustment is very important to match the two.

For this, click on the option of color adjustment at the bottom of the layer. By which a separate layer of color adjustment will be made and then the color has to be matched with the image and background.

Keep in mind that the option of color adjustment comes in two ways, firstly by clicking on the image option in the tool bar above and clicking on the adjust Mention and secondly from the color adjustment below the layer, then we have to bring it from the second option.

Because by going to the image and adjusting the color with the adjustment option, then once the color is applied, you cannot change the color of that image again.

But by adjusting the color in other ways, if the color in the image is less and more. So it can be adjusted by selecting the color adjustment layer again.

The last sub image will be saved by going to the file. Save As will be done because doing so will create a separate file of the image. If you save, the original will apply color to the image.


In this post, we have learned that with the help of layers in photo shop, you can easily change the background of any image. And by adjusting the color, you can match both the images.

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