Sketchbook tutorial android [full detail]

Sketchbook tutorial android – In today’s post, you will learn about the sketch book mobile photo editing application, it is a very powerful full application for photo editing. There are many such options in this, with the help of which you can easily edit the photo.

This application is used for drawing sketch. But we can do photo manipulation editing in it.
First we will learn about the over view of the sketch book, after that we will learn about the complete tools one by one, as well as how to use these tools Know how to use.

sketchbook overview

First of all, there is a menu bar on the top, in which 6 options are shown on clicking the first option, in which the first option Foundation Sketch, Gallery, Share, Preferences, Questions, Support.

sketchbook file
  • New Sketch – Create a new canvas. Clicking on the foundation sketch brings up a pre-defined size. or to custom
    You can define the size according to your own by clicking.
  • Gallery – With this we can select our photo to edit.
  • Share – Save the final edited image with the help of this option.
  • Preferences – In this, you can control some important settings related to editing such as – which can to show the tool bar, to the finger Which option should be shown when the screen is slid up. Which option should be shown when the screen is slid down. Altogether show options
  • Support – If there is any problem in using this application or for any kind of suggestion, by clicking on support, you reach the official site of Sketch Book and then you can ask questions to the experts.

2nd option of menu bar

sketchbook tool bar

The following types of tools are shown in the second option of the menu bar In which the first tool is the selection tool, with the help of which different types of selection can be made. And can do any particular type of activity.

Transform – With the help of this tool, all the work related to transformation can be done. Like rotating, scaling, flipping the image.

Fill – This option is used to fill color in your canvas or image. In this, you can fill colors in many ways, for example solid color, gradient color, etc.

Guides – Just like we need scale to draw lines in the copy, in the same way many types of scales are available in it.
With the help of which different types of lines can be scared.

symmetry – If we are doing something scary and want the same thing to be draw on the other side too, then we select the symmetry and make one. Line draw , when one side draw , the same thing happens on the other side.

draw Style – In this, a pre-made shape is available, with the help of which the perfect shape can be made.

Predictive Stoke – When we make something on canvas, it becomes as we make it but we can find anything with perfect draw . Can’t do it. But when the predictive creates some draw by selecting stoke, he tries to correct the scary line from himself. For example, if the circle is skewed and the circle is skewed, the predictive stoke will try to correct itself.

Import Image – Can add image to canvas.

Perspective Guide – It works exactly like a guide. There are many lines in this, with the help of which one can scare in the right Perspective.

Text – With this you can add text to the canvas or image.

Time Lapse – It works exactly like a screen recorder, so we can record videos.

3rd option of menu bar

color panel of sketchbook

Now the third option of the menu bar will know about the brush library, there are many brushes in the brush library tool, which can be used by selecting the brush according to your need. In the setting, there are all the settings of the brush like – how big to keep the brush. What should be the opacity of the brush and much more.

Color – As the name suggests, you can select the color with the help of this.

Layer – This is a very important option, with the help of this non-destructive editing is done. That is, we do different tasks in different layers can do.

Lets understand it by example. – Suppose we have made a circle in layer one and a rectangle in layer two, now layer one
By selecting, the color of the sphere increases and the color increases more. So we can rectify this mistake by deleting layer one only.
This will not affect the rectangle created in layer 2. If the sphere and the rectangle were in the same layer, then both would have to be deleted, so we do different tasks in different layers, so that if some mistake happens, it will affect the same layer.

We will understand the layer in more detail because it has many more options and it is used a lot while editing.

conclusion of Sketchbook tutorial android

In this post Sketchbook tutorial android , we have learned about all the tools of the sketch book and also know why they are used.

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