smooth skin top 10 presets – free download

smooth skin presets – Many presets are given on this page to smooth the skin, you can download it for free.

smooth skin presets

how to create smooth skin presets

To smooth the skin in any image, first of all, the exposure of that image has to be increased a bit.
Then the shadows and the black have to be reduced little by little. So that the image does not look too bright.

Now by selecting Mix in the color option, increase the luminance of red color, this will make the skin fair.
Will increase the clarity of the image a bit so that the image does not look too bright.

Lastly, increase the noise reduction and decrease the detail. This will make the skin completely smooth,
You can increase the noise reduction as much as you want to smooth the skin.

about smooth skin

In this we have to make our image look good and fair.
It is not necessary that you will use the same tool mentioned above to smooth the skin.
You have to try using new tools by yourself.

The thing to keep in mind in this is that we do not have to increase the image to white or too light, because of this the image will not look original.
We have to adjust only so much light that the screen of the image looks original.

You can use any tool for this. You just have to get the result.


In this post, we have learned how we can smooth the screen in Lightroom and make our image look good.
Because many times it happens that the presets we keep downloading are not applied well in the photo. And the result we get in our image
It is not possible to get it, so it is important to know how you can smooth Lightroom skin by yourself.

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