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In this post, we will learn how to edit photos with the help of snapseed in just one click. It is exactly like Lightroom Presets, just like we can edit photos in one click with the help of presets in Lightroom, similarly Q in snapseed. You can do this with the help of R code.

Know more what is snapseed qr code , how to create it and how to apply downloaded QR code.

Along with this, many QR codes are given below. You can easily download it and add it to your photo can apply.

snapseed qr code download

blue tone snapseed qr code
blue tone snapseed qr code
HDR snapseed qr code
warm tone snapseed qr code
warm tone snapseed qr code
cinematic look snapseed qr code
cinematic look snapseed qr code
urban snapseed qr code
urban snapseed qr code
dramatic snapseed qr code
dramatic snapseed qr code

what is snapseed qr code

Let us understand Snapseed QR Code with the help of an example. Let’s say you increase the contrast of an image a little bit and decrease the brightness a bit and increase the saturation.

Now what we did in the first image, the setting has to be done in three more images. So for this we have to apply all the options to the three images one by one. QR code has been created to solve this problem.

In this, we will first put an effect in an image and make it a QR code, then we can apply that effect to the image as much as we want.

how to apply qr code

To apply the QR code, open the image in whichever image you want to apply. Then in the top — this type of icon will be visible, by clicking on it, select the option of Look QR Code, the scanner will open as soon as you select it, then you have to scan. You can understand better with the help of the video given below. If you don’t understand well then watch the video.

how to apply snapseed qr code

creating qr code

The effect you want to put in the image has to be put, after that by clicking on this icon given above, click on the option of create. In this way we can create a new QR code. The thing to keep in mind in this is that only the effect or some setting can be copied in the QR code.

There are some tools using which it cannot be converted into code. In this, you can copy the same things like color adjustment.

2 Let us understand with another example how to create the below QR code with the help of SnapShid.

  • After opening an image in it, we changed its tool, to change the tool, the option was given in the tool by image tool, it has all the options related to image toune. Such as – Brightness, Contras, Saturation, Highlight, Shadow.
  • Now to give a little cinematic look to the image, we have to change the vignette effect.
    Do not put too much, putting too much makes the image dark.
  • In the last, with the help of the Selective Tool, selected some such colors, by changing which the image can be given a cinematic look. As there is more blue color in this image, then we have tried to give a natural look by making some changes in the blue color.

You also have to change the same color while editing, which does not make the photo artificial. Especially do not tease the skin color. There are many other tools with the help of which you can change the color of the image.

post summary

In this post we have learned how to create QR code and download it. And how to apply in Image. If you have any kind of question, then do tell by commenting.

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