teal and orange lightroom preset

teal and orange preset download – teal and orange lightroom preset have been given in this page, along with how to make it has been told.

teal and orange lightroom preset

You can download the presets by clicking Download button given below.

lightroom teal effect preset
cinamatic teal and orange
new cinamatic preset
dramatic teal and orage preset
natural teal effect lightroom preset

how to create

  • First of all, the image has to be opened in Lightroom.
  • You have to reduce the contrast by clicking on the light option. The shadow has to be raised. And Black has to increase.
  • Now to bring the teal look in the image, go to the color option and reduce the temperature.
  • After that, go to the mix and increase the luminance of the orange color.
  • Then select blue color and blue color matching color and move Hue towards teal color. So that even more teal color comes in the image.
  • To bring orange color, green color and similar color Hue have to be taken yellow color. So that the green color turns into orange color.
  • After that, to bring some HDR effect in the image, we will increase the clarity and if you want to smooth the image then reduce the noise reduction.

In this way we can create this preset very easily.

what is teal and orange presets

It is a combination of a color which is of teal and orange color, it is made according to the basic complementary rule of color.

With the help of this rule, we can create presets of other colors like
Yellow violet color combination can be done.Yellow Green and Red Violet,
green and red

You can make a preset of these colors, these colors look very good among themselves.

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In this post, we have learned what is Teal and Orange Preset and how to make it.

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