top 5 lightroom presets free download

lightroom presets – Many presets are given below, which you can download and edit your photos easily in just one click.

top 5 lightroom presets free download

You can top 5 lightroom presets free download by clicking on the link below. And if you want to know how to make presets then read the complete post below.

how to create lightroom presets

In this, for example, we will learn to create a dark preset,

then this will let you know how we can create presets according to our needs.

We have seen in many Hollywood movies there is a dark moody look – for this we will first adjust the light


  • After clicking on the light, if there is more light in your image, then you have to reduce the exposure.
  • Then you have to reduce the contrast.
  • Now the black and white have to be reduced, this will give a dark look to the white and black part of the image.


Now we have to adjust the color for a moody tone

  • First let’s reduce the vibrance a bit.
  • Then by selecting the option of mix in color, increase the luminance of red color.
    By increasing the luminance of red and orange colors, the skin color of the character will become fair.
  • To increase the saturation of green color and move the hue towards light green.
  • Now the saturation of all the remaining colors has to be reduced a little bit, which will give a muddy look to our image.


  • Now click to give real look to the image
  • The vignette has to be reduced a bit. to smooth the image

blue sky presets

We have seen in many images that the color of the sky is blue and it looks very beautiful.
But when we take a photo with the camera, the color of the sky remains white, there is a lot of light in it which does not look good.
So now we will know how we can make the color of the sky blue in our image and can make the image very beautiful by doing a little editing in it.

light >> white , exposure , highlight

  • First of all, by selecting the light, we will reduce the highlight and white so that some detail will come in the sky.
    If you want to bring more details then you can reduce the exposure.
  • Now by selecting the color, we will reduce the temperature, due to which the color of the image will be slightly blue.
  • After this, by clicking on the option of Mix, increase the saturation of blue color and color similar to blue.
    And Hue has to move towards the color which you want to measure
  • After this, by clicking on the option of effect, the clarity has to be increased, which will make our image look more clear.
  • If you want to dim the sky, then you have to take less of the clarity.

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