urban presets lightroom mobile free

urban presets lightroom mobile free download and Create – Many urban presets are given below, you can download according to your choice. if you by yourself
If you want to become a preset, then read the full post, step by step in the post below, how you can use Urban Preset
can make.

urban presets lightroom mobile free

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dark urban presets lightroom
orange urban presets lightroom
black urban presets lightroom
teal and orange urban presets lightroom
dark teal and orange urban presets lightroom

how to create urban presets

To create the urban presets lightroom mobile free , first you have to open your image in Lightroom.
After that we have to reduce the contrast of the image to bring a little cinematic look.
Black and shadow have to be increased.

Now go to the color option and reduce the saturation.

And by going into the mix and selecting one color have to adjust. For example, in our main subject,

main subject The saturation of all colors has to be reduced except the color of K.

Then by going to the grading option, shift the global color to the black color so that the whole image is slightly
Come feel with an urban image.

In the last, the clarity has to be increased a bit so that all the extra colors that have been added are with the image.
Mix well.

In this you have two options if you want to give more HDR look to your image.
If you want to increase the clarity and want to give a smooth look, then reduce the clarity a bit.

You have to increase the noise redux by selecting the detail option and the detail option below the noise reduction
Will have to reduce it so that our photo becomes even more smooth.


Friends, in this post, we have learned how to create Urban Presets with the help of Lightroom.
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